Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX: first 626-mile radical EV ride Car News

Setting off on the public roads around Nice and beyond, it’s the soaked smoothness and overall refinement of the Vision EQXX’s high-tech drivetrain that leaves the biggest initial impression. Unique engineering concepts rarely project such profound engineering integrity, but this one feels entirely happy in stop-start traffic and progressing along arterials.

When we clear the suburbs and get a clear run at higher highway speeds, Flache calls up a menu to deploy the rear diffuser. Its operation is displayed on the dashboard screen, so you can see it extending to optimize aerodynamics.

All the while, the young engineer keeps a close eye on the electrical energy used. “We’re trying to keep it in a sweet spot of around 10-15kWh per 100km,” he tells me.

There are four levels of regenerative braking, activated via steering wheel-mounted paddles. Most of the time, the EQXX is engaged in D–, providing strong deceleration when the throttle is lifted.

“Once you get used to the different regeneration modes, you find that you don’t have to physically apply the brakes at all,” says Flache. “There were a few occasions during the test drive from Stuttgart to Nice where I consciously had to use them. For the most part, however, I relied on the paddles.

Despite the focus on efficiency, the rear-drive EQXX has a subtly sporty flavor to its road-going character. It turns out to be quite fast when the traffic opens up and Flache is able to fully deploy the full force of the engine.

As with all of Mercedes’ existing EVs, drive is channeled through a single-speed gearbox. A flick of the throttle sends the low-slung sedan forward with good intention before the traffic closes in and we settle into a looping cruise. While it clearly has the potential to stretch well beyond that, top speed is limited to 87mph.

“It’s more of a precautionary measure than anything else,” says Flache, who reveals the engine and its accessories were extensively tested in a Mercedes-Benz EQB prototype before being approved for use in the concept. .

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