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Nicholas Farley, from Warrington, on the hunt for Sheffield’s sister, who ‘didn’t know he existed’ UK News

Nicholas Farley was born in 1966 in Manchester and only learned he had been adopted when he was 13 when his adoptive mother announced it.

His birth name was Dennis John Canvin, but his name was changed to Nicholas Farley once he was adopted and given that name.

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Nicholas Farley, when he was younger, is looking for his blood sister with an address in Sheffield.

Interested in finding information about his birth family, Nicholas decided to get his hands on his adoption records about seven years ago. He now knows that his biological mother died and his biological father did not respond to any contact from social services.

However, Nicholas discovered, completely new to him, that he had a blood sister who was two years older than him and had been adopted two years before him in 1964.

Adele Jane Canvin

With his sister being the only remaining blood relative, Nicholas is now desperate to find and contact her. She was born Adele Jane Canvin – however, like him, Nicholas believes she will have been given a new name upon adoption.

Nicholas Farley is looking for his blood sister with an address in Sheffield.

His attempts to try to contact his sister hit a dead end, and Nicholas suspects that his sister doesn’t even know he exists.

“I have it in my file (her blood sister), but in her file it won’t show anything, so she won’t even know,” Nicholas said. “She won’t know I exist.”

Cantilupe Crescent, Aston

In his search for his sister whom he knows only as Adele, John found her last known address at 64 Cantilupe Crescent, Aston, near Sheffield, where she lived with her father and aunt.

Nicholas Farley is looking for his blood sister with an address in Sheffield.

Nicholas has tried all sorts of information about his sister, including social services, but says he’s “turning a deaf ear”.

Now stuck in a bind, Nicholas is appealing for any information people may have on Adele as he wishes to contact her. He doesn’t know what her new name is, where she is, or anything about her, but with an address in Sheffield, he thinks it’s possible she’ll stay in the city.

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