Test of the Aston Martin DBX 707 (2022) Car News

The chassis is also comfortably capable of handling all that extra performance. The test roads we encountered in Sardinia are surely among the best in Europe: wide enough to accommodate such a big and heavy car, interesting and winding enough to make you want to turn around and attack the road again. road, and tough enough, with surface changes, crests and cambers, to really expose a chassis not up to scratch.

The DBX 707 is a pleasure to drive on. The improved steering is rich in precision and feedback, which is most impressive, while it really is a fun car to pivot through a series of fast corners. as you dare with a play on the throttle (you can even turn traction control off completely if you’ve taken your morning pill).

If such effusive praise needs a qualification, it is this: the DBX 707 is a large car by nature, and of course also a very heavy car, and it is still unnatural, even unnerving, to load the outer tires in a turn as well. much for the “what if?” fear. The anti-roll system does a good job of trying to overcome some of the physical limitations, but you still never push as hard as you would in a supercar.

The question of why you would want to push a car like this so hard in the first place is not lost on me, but such is the world we live in today and the performance cars created.

There is nothing modern and progressive about the economy, which is frankly laughable. But let’s be honest: that won’t be a deal-breaker for a DBX 707 buyer. It’s officially 19.9 mpg, but drive with gusto and you won’t even hit the teens.

A plug-in hybrid version of the DBX should be on the way next year, in case you were wondering – not that Aston is planning to settle this for economy, by any accounts…

A huge frustration is that the standard DBX infotainment system remains. It is badly in need of an update in terms of both the software that runs it and the hardware that controls it. For a car most buyers will spend upwards of £200,000 on after options, that’s a little awkward. It will be necessary to wait for the facelift of the DB11 in the coming months for this to begin to be addressed in the Aston range.

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