Fears Bedford school swimming pool could close due to lack of funding Bedford News

A primary school could be forced to close its swimming pool unless funds are found.

Carlton Elementary School has been fortunate to have the facility for over 20 years.

But after all this time it’s showing its age and there are fears the pool won’t even be open for the summer if the money isn’t found.

Carlton Elementary School

Amanda Farrell from the association said: “We have applied for grants from various organizations and it is part of the overall fundraising plan, but the cost of running and maintaining a swimming pool is high as you can tell. ‘imagine.

“This has been exacerbated by both Covid and the current cost of living crisis. As a result, we need money from as many sources as possible.”

For years the pool has been used during the school day as well as after school sessions.

Amanda added: “It gave generations of local children their first swimming experience.

“It allows the school to start swimming much earlier – even at the reception – than would otherwise be possible.”

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All money raised will be used to pay for maintenance, upgrading the chemical dosing system, the chemicals themselves, a new pool cover, upgrading the locker rooms as well as general upkeep and operating costs.

As well as the GoFundMe page and grants, the school has raised £350 at an Easter wreath-making evening, The Fox, Carlton, donates cash from its village fete and there’s also an Easter hunt in the village to raise funds.

Amanda added: “In the short term we need to raise some of the money by the end of May to ensure the pool is up and running for the second half of the summer term – probably between £5,000 and £7,000 , but it’s also a long-term fundraising issue.

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