Nissan: Sporty, high-performance models are still viable Car News

However, he added that the more mainstream models will come first: “I would love to have an electric sports car, but we have to organize ourselves. We’re not ready to announce the streak, but it’s clearly on the table.

Nissan’s timeline for solid-state batteries gives clues as to when EVs for enthusiasts might arrive. The research is in a relatively advanced phase and a pilot plant should be commissioned in 2024. The technology should be ready by 2026 and the first production cars using it should be on the road by 2028.

This new technology is expected to significantly increase energy density and accelerate price parity between electric and gasoline and hybrid cars. Nissan estimates an initial cost of $75 (£57) per kWh, compared to the current cost of around £100 per kWh.

Crossover indices for Micra EV

At the other end of the spectrum, Nissan remains committed to smaller, more affordable cars. “It’s super important,” said François Bailly. “In Europe it is a key segment, and it is essential that these young customers turn to electric vehicles, so you are building the next generation.

The replacement for the Micra will not be a traditional sedan, however. Based on the CMF-BEV platform, it will be a compact electric crossover built alongside the Renault 5 relaunched in Douai. Bailly said: “The electric vehicle market is clearly moving towards crossovers, for good or bad reasons. You have the position, the perceived safety, the cargo space. The crossover is a key strategic axis.

Q&A: Guillaume Cartier, president of the Nissan AMIEO region

Why is Nissan only now launching its second electric vehicle?

“Today we have a vision up to 2030 and that’s something new at Nissan. Until recently we act more on MTP [medium-term plans], so a sort of cycle of three to five years. Now we look 10 years ahead. The second point is that not only do we have a vision, but we have a clear vision for electrification. Today you have to decide: do I invest in EV or in EV and ICE? We will not invest in the Euro 7 [for non-hybrid cars].”

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