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HGV mayhem: Driver tackles Just Stop Oil protesters as wrong vehicle hit in bizarre attack | United Kingdom | News UK News

The lorry driver tackled Just Stop Oil protesters who rode his tanker truck. Protesters had targeted the wrong tanker because the vehicle was carrying chemicals rather than oil. The driver was seen dragging activists out of the vehicle and onto the ground at Grays Inter Terminal in Essex on Friday morning.

The owner of the RD Baker transport company, Rhydian David Baker, spoke about the incident and said: “I don’t understand why they targeted my company because I don’t transport oil.

“I’m not happy about it.

“He’s a chemical tanker.

“My driver called me and said they had jumped on the tanker and smashed the license plates.

“And they cut my airline, it’s disgusting.”

On Friday morning, Just Stop Oil targeted three oil terminals, with Warwickshire Police confirming 12 arrests were made at the terminal in Kingsbury, near Staffordshire.

The group is affiliated with Extinction Rebellion and in a video posted to the group’s social media accounts, a member claimed he was ‘surfing’ atop an oil tanker at Navigator Oil Terminal, Thurrock.

One member said: “We got on this tanker. It was terrifying.

“We are going to stay here until we are physically apart.

“It saddens me that this is the action we need to take to be truly listened to. We call on the government to end all new licensing, development and production of all new fossil fuels.”

Just Stop Oil said immediate action must be taken to reduce carbon emissions to halt the most devastating consequences of global warming.

The organization says the company cannot “continue to emit today and hope that at some future date some huge carbon-sucking technology will solve the problem.”

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