Autocar’s Great Women Podcast: Laurel Hill Racing’s “F1 in Schools” entry Car News

Listen to our latest podcast as we chat with Laurel Hill Racing, a student team from Laurel Hill Secondary School in Limerick, Ireland who have qualified for the Irish National Final of the F1 in Schools competition.

The team is made up of Margherita Ni Fhlatharta, Sophie Coleman, Alannah O Connell and Genevieve Bachalet, each bringing different skills to their entry covering everything from team management to graphic design and engineering. It’s the first time anyone has entered the competition since Laurel Hill, but as the four approach their final term of school, they hope their efforts will inspire young students to participate in years to come.

We hear how they entered the competition, how their enthusiasm encourages others, and what their ultimate goals are.

About the podcast

Welcome to the Autocar Podcast, a new series designed to build on the groundbreaking Great Women initiative that Autocar has been running for six years, promoting the brightest and best talent in the automotive industry.

We’ll talk to the most influential voices of the moment, get to know the people behind the headlines and how their experiences have shaped our industry today. We hope you find them interesting, whatever your outlook: whether you’re an Autocar reader, a 30-year industry veteran, or someone just starting out in their career. Covering many fascinating topics, we’ll talk to all kinds of people, both inside and outside the industry.

How to listen

This is the easy part. You can download or stream the episode now on any digital listening device you choose (such as Spotify or iTunes), as each podcast will be available through libsyn.

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