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The loss of hit ballast, plus the decision to drop Goodyear’s “optional” tire, means the new HEM system is the biggest performance variable that riders and teams will have to work with.

“That’s the main talking point this year,” says Harvey. “The riders have the same tire all the time, and without weighted success, the HEM system is the only form of crippling success. It has to work, basically, and we don’t know how effective it will be.

“Cosworth was using a development car last year which Andrew Jordan drove at Silverstone, so it’s been in development for some time. But inevitably, with teams adapting it to their own cars, there will be issues. .

“Yet, there is no better arena than motorsport to settle problems quickly. I’m more interested in how it will affect racing.

What this means for action

The introduction of the Cosworth hybrid system represents a complete reset, for the racing spectacle as much as for the engineers.

“First, the cars are heavier [on base weight]says Harvey. “Front-wheel-drive cars weigh 1340kg and rear-wheel-drive cars 1370kg, so there’s still a difference of 30kg. But to put that into perspective, last year a rear-wheel-drive car running on ballast of peak hit would have been 1375kg, so that’s almost exactly the same as last year’s fully loaded cars.

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