Tesla forces Shanghai workers to sleep on the floor Business

Tesla is forcing its workers to sleep on the floor of its Shanghai factory as Elon Musk’s automaker restarts production in China under a strict Covid lockdown.

The company provides staff with sleeping bags and mattresses as they are forced to live at the factory under the communist state’s ‘closed-loop’ lockdown regime.

In a memo to staff, Tesla set out strict guidelines for those returning to the factory, including three Covid tests a day, having their temperature checked twice a day and washing their hands four times a day, Bloomberg reported. .

It comes after Shanghai officials encouraged companies to restart production after the city’s draconian shutdown with closed-loop systems in which workers live on site.

More than 600 companies have restarted operations, including Quanta, which makes laptops for tech giant Apple.

Tesla staff will receive three meals a day and receive an allowance of around 400 yuan (£48) per day.

However, since the factory does not have specially designed dormitories, workers will have to sleep on the floor in a designated area while other spaces, which have yet to be completed, will be reserved for showers, entertainment and at meals.

Tesla also issued special travel certificates and organized shuttles to bring staff back to the factory.

Only workers who are doubly vaccinated and live in the lowest risk residential areas will be allowed to re-enter the factory.

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This notice was published: 2022-04-18 18:00:45

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