Dacia Jogger van excluded but motorhome variant entering Car News

A camper van variant of the Dacia Jogger is in the works, the firm has confirmed, in line with the emphasis on the “outdoor” appeal of its cars.

“We are working on it and it should happen quite soon,” said Lionel Jaillet, Dacia’s product vice-president, but he did not confirm whether it will be a standalone model or an accessory pack.

“It’s clearly in our ethos – to try to extend the level of outdoor activity our customers can do with our cars, and the Jogger has exactly the right spirit for what we call the ‘social outside'”, did he declare.

Jaillet added that future applications for a leisure-oriented Jogger would allow customers to enjoy being with family and friends “using the outdoors.”

However, the form in which this could appear, whether as a standalone variant or an accessory pack, has been described as “not yet defined”.

Meanwhile, a commercial vehicle version of the Jogger, which is the UK’s cheapest seven-seater, has been ruled out for the time being as the Jogger does not meet N1 homologation rules for light commercial vehicles .

“N1 homologation is getting more and more complicated in terms of opening sizing, car sizing and lengths, volumes, payloads, etc. We are not N1 compliant on this car” , said Jaillet.

Dacia has, however, acknowledged the potential interest of a commercial vehicle variant in certain markets although there are “no plans for variants for the commercial aspects yet”.

The Jogger is based on the same platform as the Dacia Sandero Stepway. Its rearmost third row of seats can be completely removed, leaving plenty of space in the rear for potential living quarters.

The Dacia brand is no stranger to adventure-oriented variants. The Dacia Duster was given a rugged SE Extreme specification level in February.

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