Mercedes-AMG GT63 SE (2022) Performance Review Car News

What you do feel, however, is a pronounced sensitivity to coarse surfaces. Large contact patches and resulting tire roar can dampen otherwise impressive touring qualities on less-than-smooth roads.

The off-center steering is very responsive, giving the PHEV an inherent sharpness very similar to that of its ICE sibling. For such a big and heavy car, it changes direction impatiently and incisively. There is a typical weight of the electromechanical system and welcome comments too.

There’s quite a bit of body movement when diving into a tighter corner, but it’s exceptionally well controlled. The incline builds gradually from the moment you begin to turn, so you’re always well aware of approaching limits.

Additional response and engagement can be invoked through the Sport, Sport Plus and Race drive modes. So configured, the GT 63 SE Performance feels mostly rear-facing. As such, it’s great fun. You never really lose sight of the weight brought to the motor, battery and power electronics; but the car offers amazing acceleration and is adjustable imminently on the throttle.

The constantly varying qualities of the 4Matic+ system, which differs in configuration from that of conventional Mercedes cars, ensures a quick forward shift when the car begins to slide, giving it a reassuring neutrality, even when the stability control is on. released. Interestingly, packing the motor and battery in the rear improved the weight distribution, taking it from 54:46 to a perfect 50:50.

“The PHEV isn’t quite on par with the ICE model for its sheer dynamic prowess, but the overall balance has been improved by adding weight to the rear,” says Hermann. Brakes are 420mm front and 380mm rear carbon-ceramic discs with big Brembo calipers. They’re hugely powerful, but the inclusion of four-stage regenerative braking (actuated via the drive selector) robbed them of feel. When changing from one drive mode to another, you sometimes notice that the pressure on the brake pedal changes.

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