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Business Reporter: Priority Digital Health: The Future of Digital Health

Alison Meadows, Co-Founder and CEO, Priority Digital Health and John Dibb, Co-Founder and CEO, Priority Digital Health

If public health departments and local councils are to achieve their health and wellbeing goals, they must embrace digital. Part of this must include a platform such as Priority Digital Health’s Priority Platform.

Why? Because by using this digital solution, they can help hard-to-reach communities, and the flexibility scales to the levels they need to support relevant locations.

All of this can be achieved without having to find more resources, more money, and more expertise.

The future is interoperability, flexibility, and whole-body health services in one place – that’s why the future is the priority platform.

Who is Digital Health Priority?

Priority Digital Health (PDH) is a Cambridge-based organization specializing in digital health solutions.

PDH builds digital solutions that enable better self-management and management of patient health and well-being services. They make sure people get the help and support they need, quickly, while staying true to their “Tell your story once” mantra.

PDH’s specialty is disease prevention; their experience is in behavior change and their goal is cost reduction and service efficiency – but not at the expense of user experience.

They have three main products: The Priority Platform (customizable case management software); Diabetes Book & Learn (connecting people with diabetes to the right education); and AmaraHealth™ (a whole-body health and wellness app).

What is Priority Platform?

The Priority platform was created by Priority Digital Health, a Cambridge-based organization specializing in digital health solutions.

The priority platform is a case management system that acts as a digital portal for all patient information, vaccinations, prescriptions, appointments, interactions, goals and encounters in healthcare facilities . This includes wellness services, general practitioners and social prescribing bodies.

Any internal or external person involved in the care of a patient can be connected via a centralized system.

Patients can self-refer, record their own health and wellness metrics, and manage their own data. Naturally, this increases ownership and accountability while generating greater efficiency and savings for service providers.

Provide interoperability for all

Interoperability is not at the heart of many digital health services. Most rigs fix one problem and require a new rig when another problem arises.

It’s expensive, timely, complicated – and usability suffers.

But the Priority Digital Health Priority platform is built on interoperability.

Already accessible to over seven million UK residents, the Priority platform is fully interoperable and can be connected to all major GP clinical systems such as Vision and TPP.

Award-winning service modules

One of the most unique features of the Priority Platform is that there is one login for one platform, but many different modules within that platform that offer different services. As a result, it is easily customizable for each service and each local route. The platform hosts a multitude of award-winning service modules. These support a range of NHS, public health and community services. This includes social prescribing, booking, volunteering, goal setting, lifestyle services (such as smoking and weight management), and occupational health services.

Customers may acquire a singular module and then decide they need more. PDH’s flexible approach allows them to achieve this quickly, without the hurdle of an entirely new platform.

Safety is non-negotiable

Their platform was designed with security at its core:

  • Hosted within the Health & Social Care Network (HSCN)
  • All servers are hosted in the UK
  • Each user has a dedicated connection using the security levels recommended by OWASP/2FA
  • In collaboration with ETHOS Consulting, their platform has received Clinical Risk Management Standard DCB0129 (mandatory under the Health and Social Care Act 2012)
  • Accredited by NHS DSP Toolkit
  • ISO 27001 assessed
  • Certified Cyber ​​Essentials
  • Registered with ICO, ZA286500

One application, complete well-being

Priority Digital Health launches a new product on the market. It’s full-body health like you’ve never seen before, encouraging patients to delete their countless health and wellness apps and replace them with AmaraHealth™.

Why? Because AmaraHealth™ lets people simplify their use of health apps by streamlining them into one. Through the AmaraHealth™ app, users will be able to track all areas of their health and wellness. From physical condition to mood, every aspect of a patient’s health can be tracked manually or via a connected wearable device.

Users will be empowered to achieve and maintain full-body health, with access to their unique, personalized Wellness Score…

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