Winners and losers of the UK automotive market in the first quarter of 2022 Car News

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After another few months of adversity, our report reveals which carmakers in the UK did or did not have a good quarter

First-quarter sales figures were abysmal: at 418,000, they were down 36% from 2000 and 49% from the peak reached in 2016. Here’s a detailed look at who sold what, according to the latest report from the Society of Motor Manufacturer and Trader Data (SMMT).

Alfa Romeo

2021 market share 0.07%; 2022 market share: 0.09%; first trimester enrolments: 395; best-selling model: Alfa Romeo Giulia

Sales of the Giulia rose slightly, but don’t get too excited: it was still outscored by 20:1 by the BMW 3 Series.


2021 market share 0.01%; 2022 market share: 0.02%; first trimester enrolments: 78; best-selling model Alpine A110

Alpine’s determination to transform the sports car from a model into a range is seeing some success, albeit from the lowest foundations.

Aston Martin

2021 market share 0.07%; 2022 market share: 0.08%; first trimester enrolments: 341; best-selling model: Aston Martin DBX

The DBX is helping to increase market share and Aston hopes the new 707 will maintain momentum.


2021 market share: 6.91%; 2022 market share: 6.51%; first-term enrolments: 27,199; best-selling model: Audi A3

It’s no coincidence that the biggest drop came from the Audi A1. With supply chain shortages, Audi is prioritizing production of larger cars. The A3 is still the best seller, but its lead over Q2 has been reduced.


2021 market share: 0.07%; 2022 market share: 0.10%; first trimester enrolments: 438; best-selling model: Bentley Bentayga

Global results are good, but growth in the UK is moderate, as Bentley was up 0.07% before the Bentayga arrived.


2021 market share: 7.51%; 2022 market share: 6.68%; first trimester enrolments: 27,913; best-selling model: Series 3

No wonder 1, 2 and 3 Series sales are all down while BMW X1 and BMW X3 sales are up: profit margins on crossovers are higher than on sedans.


2021 market share: 2.02%; 2022 market share: 1.80%; first trimester enrolments: 7,527; best-selling model: Citroen C3

None of its mainstream models (C3, Citroën C3 Aircross, Citroën C4, Citroën C5 Aircross) are in the top 10 of their respective segments, which leaves Citroën a bit too raced.


2021 market share: 0.22%; 2022 market share: 0.45%; enrollments in the first term: 1895; best-selling model: Cupra Formentor

The Formentor is steadily moving up the compact crossover rankings, suggesting Cupra is doing a good job of establishing the brand.


2021 market share: 0.77%; 2022 market share: 1.28%; first-term enrolments: 5,347; best-selling model: Dacia Sandero

As expected, Dacia becomes one of the big winners of 2022, thanks to the new Sandero and Jogger.


Market share 2021: 0.10%; 2022 market share: 0.17%; first trimester enrolments: 704; best-selling model: DS 3 Crossback

DS 3 sales are up a bit, but combined registrations of the 4, 7 and 9 are below 150 this quarter – including dealer demonstrators and executive cars.


2021 market share 0.06%; 2022 market share: 0.06%; first trimester enrolments: 266; best-selling model: not listed

The most stable market share in the industry – the advantage of a reliable waiting list.


2021 market share: 0.88%; 2022 market share: 1.51%; first trimester registrations: 6,235; best-selling model: Fiat 500

Fiat’s first surge in market share since the 500 in 2007. Inevitably, it’s thanks to a new 500, the electric Fiat 500, which is off to a strong start.


2021 market share: 8.48%; 2022 market share: 7.12%; first-term enrolments: 29,738; best-selling model: Ford Puma

After being the UK’s best seller for a decade, the Ford Fiesta is no longer in the top 10. Ford has switched production to the more profitable Puma, which sells almost twice as much as the Fiesta.


2021 market share: 1.06%; 2022 market share: 1.67%; first trimester enrolments: 6,965; best-selling model: Honda Jazz

After years of decline, the new – and much sleeker – Honda HR-V has given Honda a real boost. However, now that the Swindon factory has closed, the Honda Civic is almost dead in the UK.


2021 market share: 3.15%; 2022 market share: 4.73%; first term enrolments: 19,739; best-selling model: Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai is recovering well after two bad years. The Tucson now overtakes the Nissan Qashqai and the Ford Kuga.


2021 market share: 1.21%; 2022 market share: 0.79%; first trimester enrolments: 3,311; best-selling model: Jaguar F-Pace

The F-Pace and I-Pace now account for 78% of Jaguar sales. Sedans accounted for just 122 units this quarter.


Market share 2021 0.20%; 2022 market share: 0.14%; first trimester enrolments: 593; best-selling model: Jeep Renegade

Apart from the ultra-niche Jeep Wrangler, sales are falling again. The ironically named Jeep Compass is down 62% – which sums up a company that has completely lost its sense of…

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