Ola Electric ready to hit the UK by 2025 Car News

Ola will build cars at a different site from its scooter factory, where its first vehicle was built just 10 months after acquiring the land. Dubey has confirmed that it will be in India.

Although the Indian and UK markets are very different, Ola vehicles will not be aimed at the UK market budget.

“We’ve found that as long as you provide the right value to customers, they’re willing to provide the right price, which may not be the lowest price,” Dubey said. “That’s what we did with the S1 and what we will do across the board.

“[Our products] are among the best in the world in terms of quality.

Q&A: Wayne Burgess, Vice President of Design, Ola Electric

Why move to Coventry?

“Look at the other brands here: there’s Tata, there’s Mahindra. To achieve our goals, we need to take advantage of all the experience we have here, and [CEO] Bhavish Aggarwal was very receptive to this. “If you look at the Formula 1 and Formula E teams, almost all of them are within 50 miles. It’s good to be present. »

What are you designing?

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