Ford Sierra RS500: Bringing a BTCC legend back to life Car News

They should be, because he himself is a purist, telling us that, yes, he could build a car that sings and dances in an original shell, but it wouldn’t be allowed to race against a car from era.

“If you want to drive a Group A touring car, drive a Group A touring car, not something that isn’t,” he says vehemently. He has a passion for vintage cars and that’s clear, but what about the provenance of the continuation model?

“Each continuation car will create its own story, while still being part of the RS500 story,” he says.

So what does Rouse think of all this? “The RS500 has been our most successful race car by far,” says Rouse. “It was the most iconic car, the best car to drive. It was a really good deal for us. We built probably 30 cars and over 100 engines in two or three years. It was so a really good time. I’m glad Alan is producing these cars because it’s created new interest. I’m just amazed that people still remember me and what I did after all this time.

Rouse may be modest, but those who hand over £185,000 for one of the continuation models will have a genuine Andy Rouse Engineering Group A Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth, a car for which the word ‘modest’ will never be appropriate.

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