Four in 10 struggled to pay their energy bills last month as the cost of living crisis raged Business News

Around four in ten people said they struggled to pay their energy bills last month, according to new figures from the ONS which document the growing cost of living crisis.

Some 87% of adults reported an increase in their cost of living from the previous month in March 2022, an increase of 25% from November 2021.

The new figures come as Labor calls for an emergency budget to come up with more measures to help families struggling to get basic food and energy supplies.

Sir Keir Starmer said on Sunday that the rising cost of living was “the number one problem” for people in the UK.

43% of those who pay energy bills said it was “very or somewhat difficult” to pay them in March 2022.

Of all adults surveyed, 43% said they would not be able to save money in the next 12 months. This is the highest amount since the question was first asked in March 2020.

Almost a quarter of adults – 23% – said it was “very difficult or difficult” to pay their usual household bills in the past month compared to a year ago.

Three percent of people said they were behind on rent or mortgage payments in March 2022.

The data, analyzed by the Office for National Statistics, was drawn from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey.

The survey took place before regulators increased the maximum amount that can be charged by energy suppliers by 54%.

“The combination of falling wages and rising costs means the pressure on households is mounting,” said Jack Leslie, senior economist at the Resolution Foundation.

“It is expected to get worse, with the estimated number of energy-stressed households reaching five million this month.”

Supermarket chains Asda and Morrisons said on Monday they would cut prices for essential items.

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