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How many episodes of Grace are there? The ITV drama returns for a new series UK News

After her one and only episode to date drew millions of viewers and got everyone talking last year, Grace returns to the screens this weekend and the good news, this time around, this n is not just a part.

There was a lot of hype for Grace ahead of her March 2021 debut, starring John Simm as Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. Grace’s first case produced a very harrowing scene of a groom on his bachelor party left screaming to be freed from a coffin after being buried alive by his so-called friends, before the tube he used to breathe was removed from the top of the box, leaving him trapped and out of breath.

Large audiences tuned in to Grace’s lone series premiere episode, so given its success, it came as a bit of a surprise to those who were instantly hooked that others didn’t follow. Well, after almost a year of waiting for another Grace fix, it returns to ITV on Sunday April 24, with John Simm leading the cast of Grace in the lead role.

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This time there will be FOUR parties, each lasting two hours and shown on ITV on consecutive Sundays at 8 p.m. The first of these, Looking Good Dead, is a little odd, as it was actually filmed and ready to air last year, but never aired, despite being rendered available in the US in May 2021. .

A synopsis for the feature film’s second episode reads: “Not Dead Enough, sees Grace and Branson investigate the murder of wealthy socialite and patron of local charities, Katya Bishop, wife of a prominent Brighton entrepreneur , played by Arthur Darvill, who becomes the prime suspect in the investigation.

“The Bishops seem to have led an enchanted life, until Grace digs deeper behind the respectable facade and discovers that all is not what it seems. This, however, unknowingly places him in grave danger.”

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