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ITV’s Grace sparks complaints from viewers over ‘graphic’ pre-catchment scene as warning placed on episode UK News

Viewers hit ITV drama Grace when it returned on Sunday night, saying there were scenes ‘too graphic’ for its 8pm timeslot as a warning was placed on the episode on ITVHub.

With Grace the first series only having one episode and many viewers assuming it was just a one-off episode, there was some surprise when it was announced that the crime drama , starring John Simm in the title role, was returning for another run. Given that the title of Sunday’s series opener was Looking Good Dead, those who tuned in would have been wise to expect rather grim events, but many took issue with something that happened. before the first commercial break and well before the 9 p.m. turning point.

A teaser for the feature episode on ITV read: “With two seemingly unrelated deaths, Grace finds herself tested to the limit when it becomes clear both incidents may be the work of a serial killer.” Grace’s synopsis barely scratched the surface at how dark and twisted things got in the plot, with the scene disturbing many viewers seeing a character watch what turned out to be a snuff video. of a woman sitting blindfolded on a bed, before The masked person brandished a knife and cries were heard.

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Although the violent act itself was not seen on screen, the man watching the clip’s face revealed it as he looked horrified at what he had just been witness. And people watching at home shared his shock and disgust. One took to Twitter to rant: “An episode of ‘Grace’ aired on ITV tonight at 8pm. It was about an evil gang making snuff movies with lots of scenes graphics of violence: what happened to the watershed?” Agreeing, another viewer replied, “I agree. I was shocked by the graphic content at 8pm.”

Equally surprised by the grisly scenes on ITV, another tweeted: “It’s dark stuff before the turning point @ITV Gimp masks, stabbing, dark web…think you might get a few complaints about this one! Twitter was inundated with complaints about Grace on Sunday night. be before the turn @ITV. Warnings or no warnings”

People heading to ITVHub to catch up on Sunday night’s episode are greeted with the warning Orientation : With scenes of violence and images, some viewers may be upset.

Many Grace viewers were shocked by what appeared on screen
Many Grace viewers were shocked by what appeared on screen

The Sunday night 8 p.m. slot has traditionally been filled with much less somber drama. In the 90s and 2000s, millions ended their weekends watching Heartbeat and Where The Heart Is, while more recently the 8-10 p.m. timeslot has been taken up by The Good Karma Hospital and, of course, , Vera.

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