Lexus RZ 450e Joins Premium Brand’s All-Electric Lineup Yorkshire News

Rival Audi Q4 and Tesla model Y due out later in 2022 with 309bhp, all-wheel drive, 250mile range and optional steering yoke

Lexus has revealed the next model on its path to becoming an all-electric brand: the RZ 450e.

The mid-size SUV will arrive in the UK in late 2022 and is the first Lexus EV from the ground up, based on the same dedicated platform as the Toyota bZ4X.

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The RZ 450e will offer up to 250 miles of range and will compete head-to-head with the Audi Q4 e-tron, Tesla Model Y and Mercedes EQB at the top end of the electric SUV market.

Initial versions of the RZ 450e will come with a 71.4kWh battery and a two-motor, all-wheel drive configuration. The twin-motor “Direct4” system will produce a combined 309bhp and allow the 321 lb-ft of torque to be distributed to both axles as conditions require, including operation in front or rear only configuration.

Lexus hasn’t announced final driving range figures, but says the RZ 450e will be capable of “more than” 250 miles on a single charge. It has also not revealed details of the speeds or charging times of the car. However, it has placed significant emphasis on battery durability and expects the unit to retain 90% of its capacity after 10 years.

The RZ 450e will offer electronic steering by cable as part of the optional One Motion Grip system, which will also feature a “yoke” instead of a traditional steering wheel. The yoke swivels straight left or right in just 150 degrees, meaning the driver never has to do a ‘hand over hand’ turn.

Lexus says the yoke allows for a lower placement of the instrument binnacle and a better view of the road ahead. The instrument display is complemented by a 14-inch head-up display and center navigation/media display.

The interior has been streamlined compared to previous Lexus models, with designers focusing on reducing frills and physical elements. Among the innovations introduced to the RZ 450e are an adjustable panoramic sunroof with heat reflective technology and radiant knee heaters designed to accelerate heating of the front half of the cabin.

The world’s first “e-latch” system will also debut on the new model, which will use the blind spot monitoring system to prevent occupants from opening the door in the path of an oncoming cyclist or vehicle.

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