The electric Rolls-Royce Specter will be the Phantom coupé of the new era Car News

However, Rolls-Royce engineering director Mihiar Ayoubi offered plenty of insight into the wider technical development of the Specter and its early progress. The battery, for example, plays a key role in the overall package. It is completely flat underneath to allow smooth ground to improve aerodynamic efficiency. The battery mounting also allows for better front-to-rear weight distribution for improved ride comfort and handling, as well as a low center of gravity. Additionally, it has acoustic advantages, allowing Rolls-Royce to use less than the Phantom’s 120 kg of soundproofing.

Rolls-Royce has confirmed that the car will ride on production 23-inch wheels, the largest fitted to a coupe since the 1926 Bugatti Royale, and will adopt a twin-motor configuration with one located on each axle for the four wheels. conduct.

Chassis technology familiar from other Rolls-Royce models, including rear-wheel steering and active anti-roll systems, is also carried over. In terms of styling, the Phantom Coupe’s split headlight design will return to the Spectre.

Ayoubi said the initial development at the company’s test site in Arjeplog, Sweden, was to first make sure the prototypes work as expected and then set the parameters for future testing. “The car has just learned to walk,” he said.

In this early development (the Specter mule we saw was only 25% representative of a finished production example) the new Specter will have a 700kg battery mounted in flat ground, much of the work is to ensure basic components – such as windows, doors, heating and cooling, and rubber seals – function as they should in an extreme environment. But “since silence is a luxury,” Ayoubi said, “they must not only play under these conditions, but play in silence.”

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