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Five Best Healthy, Protein-Rich Dinner Recipes That Will Keep You Satisfied For Hours Wine News

Everyone knows abs (and every other muscle, for that matter) are built in the kitchen, and if you’ve recently embarked on a mission to get in shape, you’ll need to watch what you eat as well. than what you do – starting with protein.

Responsible for building tissues, cells and muscles as well as hormones and antibodies, protein is an essential nutrient for daily functioning, but especially after exercise, when muscles are particularly receptive to protein synthesis and in need to recover and grow.

It is recommended to consume around 50g of protein per day, and a little more after exercise – as a reminder, one egg contains 6g of protein.

Eggs, nuts and seeds, lean meat like chicken and turkey, fish, beans and legumes, and soy products including tofu are all great sources of protein. which are often filled with artificial flavors and colors.

Instead, whip up something delicious like spring frittata, chicken salad, or a delicious turkey burger to satiate your appetite and give you a boost. If you’re looking to make healthier dinners at home, look no further than the recipes below.

Healthy High Protein Meal Recipes

Chicken thighs are marinated in a thick mixture of yogurt and tandoori spices, then roasted in the oven until succulent. Served with a green salad of cucumber, lettuce and mint.

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