Morgan’s new CEO is the former boss of Lamborghini projects Car News

Under the new deal, Morgan has impressive plans to expand production, making the Super 3 (and several yet-to-be-announced derivatives) its best-selling model and marketing it in places the company previously found problematic. , especially in the United States.

In recent years, the company has also completely revamped its traditional Morgan Plus Four and Morgan Plus Six line of four-wheeled sports cars.

It currently manufactures around 850 cars a year, 70% of which are exported.

It has 70 official dealerships selling in 32 countries but aims to expand production to around 1500 units over the next few years.

Opinion: Why now is the time for a new Morgan CEO

For many years, successive Morgan directions basically did the same thing: make cars with endearingly familiar looks and specs, happily trade on the market’s well-developed sense of nostalgia, and update time specs. in time when sales needed a boost.

In recent years, this simple life has not been possible, firstly because the rush of safety and clean air legislation has resulted in a regular need for much more fundamental updates; lately and even more urgently because all cars, even Morgans, will soon have to go hybrid or electric.

Massimo Fumarola’s arrival as Morgan’s new CEO appears to have happened primarily because, as the company faces greater challenges than ever, Steve Morris’ dual-role workload is simply become incredibly high.

Anyone who has witnessed his high-stress regimen recently would think the same, although it’s also likely that Morgan’s Italian owners are also keen to have one of their own ‘own’ at the center of power.

As it stands, Fumarola looks likely to take over Morgan’s day-to-day management as CEO, while Morris, whose familiarity with the former brand’s history and lore is unmatched, is being released for much more strategic planning and thinking becomes executive chairman.

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