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Daniel Barwell: Former Doncaster councilor wanted in US over drug allegations writes letter from jail apologizing to residents UK News

Daniel Barwell faces an extradition hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court next month where it will be decided whether he will stand trial in Ohio along with a number of other defendants.

He is charged with “conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a psychedelic mushroom analogue” – also known as magic mushrooms.

Malcolm Hawkes, on behalf of Barwell, said his client denies the allegations and they will be “fully contested”.

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Former Councilor Daniel Barwell wrote a letter asking residents for forgiveness.

In his letter, Barwell apologized to residents and said he “should be a better role model” before adding that he intended to make up for lost time “ten times over”.

He also spoke of his joy at receiving supportive comments on social media after the arrest and said: “It brought me to tears to see and hear good things about me.”

Barwell was arrested following an Interpol Red Notice at the request of US authorities in Ohio on Wednesday February 2.

The Metropolitan Police detained Barwell at his home on Shaftesbury Avenue in Intake.

Barwell’s Letter to Residents

Elected in May 2021, he later resigned his Intake & Wheatley Hills seat after his arrest and a by-election was held with Labor holding the ward.

In a letter posted on social media, Barwell said: “I have always said that I want the best for the estate and the neighborhood as a whole – I hope everyone now realizes that I don’t. wasn’t full and that I wasn’t lying for the votes.

“I know Yetunde (newly elected Labor Councilor Wheatley Hills & Intake) campaigned on exactly the same things as me, so hopefully she can finish where I started.

“Please apologize to everyone on the Clay Lane Community Facebook page. I should be a better role model, the one they deserve and I really want to make up ten times for my absence.

Barwell’s Letter to Residents

“Pass on my thanks as well, please. I knew it wouldn’t take long to get to the information, but as far as I could tell, every time a message was posted, there were at least half a dozen Clay Lane residents ready to defend my character.

“In a world where actions and character seem to be judged together, it brought tears to my eyes to see and hear good things said about me.

“I took the feedback and built a nice frame of matches to put it in so that every time I look up I feel a moment of pride, to forget the shame of the situation I’m in. find.”

Daniel Barwell

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