Bentley will unveil a new long-wheelbase car on May 10 Car News

Bentley will add a fifth car to its lineup on May 10 and cryptic teasers given by the brand suggest it will be a new long-wheelbase version of its Bentayga SUV.

An extended version of the Bentley Bentayga has been on the cards since 2016, when company bosses told Autocar that the model’s sales success sparked internal discussions about various new derivatives.

A coupé version, a limited-edition high-performance model (which we now know as the Bentayga Speed ​​​​with W12 engine) and a long-wheelbase version, tested in camouflage on public roads since 2020, have been mentioned. .

Bentley hasn’t confirmed whether the new model arriving next month is this extended-wheelbase Bentayga, but references to a “long-awaited” new model and its engineers and craftsmen going to “new lengths” certainly suggest it’s is the case.

Adding “an extra dimension of on-board well-being”, it will be the fifth model in the Bentayga range, joining the standard V8 car, V6 plug-in hybrid, beefed-up Bentayga S and top-spec Speed. .

A short preview video released by the firm Crewe shows the inside of a rear door, apparently longer than that fitted to the current Bentayga, illuminated in a dramatic purple hue.

No additional details have been released on pricing or specs. However, these are expected to be announced during the full reveal on May 10. The new model should command a healthy premium over the standard Bentayga, which starts at £155,555, although it remains to be seen whether it will be offered with the same engine range.

Bentley said: “The company’s designers, engineers and craftsmen have made new efforts to combine luxury, technology and performance in a way that only Bentley can offer.

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