Gunther Werks 993 Speedster Review Car News

That the two ends of the car do different things and run at such different rates and frequencies may confuse some chassis engineers, who love old 911s but still don’t easily understand them.

This is meant to balance that; and to help cornering more are 11-inch-wide front wheels inside 295-section tires. Where the old 911s were “slow in, quick out, now it’s quick in, fast,” Nam says. On the 993 Coupe from Gunther Werks you could spec a perfectly integrated roll bar, and I think I would have, because I like the torsional stiffness, which of course is higher in the Coupe than in the Speedster .

Nevertheless, there is reinforcement in the front bulkhead, similar to the high rear bulkhead behind the driver, and double-walled sills, which leave the Speedster’s torsional rigidity higher than that of a standard 993 coupe.

It gets a Gunther Werks trimmed interior, which is beautifully done to an extremely high standard.

There’s no roof option and a carbon fiber windscreen surround for the 964-era Speedster windscreen. But owners of this £650,000+ car seem to have enough metal to choose to be able to wait for a dry day.

The luggage compartments and engine compartment receive equally clean revisions. When the flat six returns, it’s a 4.0-liter engine producing 435 hp for a healthy 352 hp per ton.

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