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The Ford GT40 is one of the most iconic racing cars of all time, but did you know it was also sold for road use? The Slough factory built 31 slightly modified Mk1s; and just months before the GT40 won immortality by beating Ferrari at Le Mans, we got a taste of one with famed driver Innes Ireland.

“It’s a very nice road car, more docile and practical than you might imagine. The suspension is surprisingly strong and there is a complete absence of body roll. It’s almost relaxing,” we found out.

At Silverstone we were stunned by how jaded Ireland looked and indeed how fast the car never felt, despite Stowe topping out at 90mph. “We had no apparent slides or other excitements, and the process took on an exact pace devoid of drama but consistently thrilling.”

And then it was our turn to take the helm: “There is an instantaneous, almost animal response from the supercharged steering, the small steering wheel an almost telepathic link between the driver’s brain and the road. And no warning was needed, as the GT40 suffered “no oversteer, understeer, sudden breakaways, allergy to crosswinds or undulating road surfaces – no excuses for the familiar cliches of saying”.

A perfect grand tourer

What happens if you combine Italian art with American muscle? “A grand touring car par excellence”, in the case of the Iso Grifo GL 365.

“The docile V8 and very light controls make it easy to get started. Eye-catching Bertone body with premium finish and thoughtful details. A comfortable ride, excellent handling, responsive brakes and phenomenal acceleration take all the fatigue out of driving.

Peugeot-Renault Alliance

Even though the French government was encouraging mergers and Renault and Peugeot were losing competitiveness, their R&D collaboration agreement was a bit of a bombshell. A resultant ‘what could have been?’ was the 1967 Project H, a luxury Renault limousine with a Peugeot V8. The deal lasted until 1974, when Peugeot bought Citroën.

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