Best Road Tests of All Time: Morgan Aero 8 Car News

New Morgans had appeared as often as the World Wars until the arrival of the Aero 8, bringing with it a new BMW V8 and aluminum-intensive construction.

The V8, exhaust and six-speed manual gearbox from the BMW 540i have been reworked for the Morgan Aero 8, while a limited-slip differential from BTR has reduced power. A bonded, riveted and hardened aluminum chassis married to an ash frame and an aluminum body weighed only 1135kg. Eibach springs and Koni shocks aimed to produce flat cornering without anti-roll bars. The exterior design – glossy and shabby in equal parts – was the work of Charles Morgan.

Disappointing off the line, the nimble Aero 8 effortlessly handled fast metrics such as 30-50 mph in 3.6 seconds in fourth gear. The key was to let the massive torque do the work and leave the long-throw shifting alone. The exhaust note was disappointing, however, and the transaxle slammed, while the fade-prone brakes lacked feel.

The chassis delivered its best at eight tenths, limiting body roll while maintaining impressive compliance. The steering lacked self-centering and feel.

The cabin used high-quality materials and offered decent ergonomics, but the delicate hood let in wind and rain; better drop it and enjoy the Aero 8 outdoors.

For: Style, performance, behavior

Versus: Steering, bonnet, brake feel

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