Guide to buying a used car: Porsche 944 Car News

Steering, brakes and suspension: Rattling noises or shaking of the front wheel suggest worn suspension bushings; floating handling means worn ball joints or wishbone shocks. On unpowered cars, vague steering could indicate a worn rack; on power-assisted, check for leaks from the steering pump.

Body: Rust hits the sills, rear wheel arches, suspension mounts and front jacking points. On early cars, check the fuel tank. Beware of uneven closing lines and ripples in the trunk floor.

Wheels and tires: Check for cracked alloy wheels and watch out for expired tires.

Interior: Make sure all auxiliary motors are running, the headliner is secure and the fairing is not cracked.

Also to know

Unlike the previous 924’s engine, which came from Audi, the 944’s 2.5-litre unit is pure Porsche. It’s basically half of the 928’s 5.0-liter V8, although very few parts are actually interchangeable. The inline-four configuration was chosen because of its size and efficiency; although two counter-rotating balance shafts were fitted to help the engine run smoother.

how much to spend

£5,000 to £6,999: Mid to late 2.5 liter examples with mileages typically north of 100,000. Not all conditions are terrible; in fact, there are some really respectable cars here.

£7,000 to £9,999: Now 2.7-liter cars are entering the fold, as are the 3.0-liter S2s. Mileages are still high, although 2.5-liter cars can be found with less than 80,000 miles.

£10,000 to £15,999: Convertible versions of the S2 appear. Conditions are good but mileages generally stay high, then start to hover around 100,000 towards the top end, where you’ll find examples in near-showroom condition.

£16,000 to £19,999: High-mileage turbos in respectable condition appear and make up the majority of the models here.

£20,000 and above: Late Turbo cars in excellent condition and in some cases less than 70,000 miles on the odometer.

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