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ITV’s Grace sparks fresh criticism from viewers over ‘unrealistic’ plot UK News

The ITV drama Grace drew further criticism from viewers who called the show “unrealistic” and “rubbish”.

Last week, viewers took to the show, saying there were scenes that were “too graphic” for its 8 p.m. timeslot. In an opening scene, viewers saw a man dressed in black latex who had hanged himself after a drug binge.

ITV has warned there will be scenes some may find distressing ahead of the show. However, that didn’t stop viewers from submitting 58 complaints to Ofcom after the episode.

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But this week, viewers had more complaints after watching Sunday’s episode of Grace, with many calling the plot “unrealistic”, “complicated” and “garbage”. In this week’s episode, Not Dead Enough, characters Branson and Grace investigate the murder of local socialite Katya Bishop.

It is Kit, Katya’s entrepreneur husband, who finds himself named as the main suspect at the start of the proceedings. The case turned out to be a real headache, with Kit seeming to have been in several places at once.

But in a plot described as “unrealistic”, Kit who was adopted turned out to be one of a set of identical triplets – unbeknownst to Kit himself. After the big reveal, viewers of the show took to social media to voice their opinions.

One viewer wrote, “Wow. If I read the plot of this #Grace in a book, I would consider that to be wasted hours. A little unbelievable, to put it mildly. While another said, “Triplets, come on!”

Another joked: “So when are the quads coming?”

Viewers also took to social media to call the show “garbage”. One wrote: “What a lot of misinterpreted and abysmally written rubbish #Grace “. Another replied: “I agree. Absolute waste. Horrifying, simplistic drama that should air at 2 p.m. on a streamer.”

But some people disagreed with the negative reviews and took the time to praise the show and its cast. One viewer wrote: “Love @itv #Grace but anyone else expecting DCI Gene Hunt to pop up any minute with one of his totally anti-PC comments?!”

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