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There are quirks, however. Apply lock too quickly at low speeds, and a sudden steering effect can cause some head movement. Plus, when you ask for a lot of steering angle in a hurry while maneuvering, there’s just the slightest sense of lag, a feeling that the computer needs a split second to process the command.

Additionally, a quick squirt on a low-grip surface revealed that the steering becomes incredibly stiff and heavy when applying quick opposite lockout to counter a slide. It’s a trait that spoiled the Infiniti and one that Lexus engineers are aware of, but will need to be worked on before One Motion Grip gets anywhere near any future Lexus or Toyota sports car.

Nothing else? Well, these are definitely prototypes in terms of finish, whereas our time in the cars was limited to a slick billiard racing circuit, so final dynamic verdicts will have to wait.

Perhaps most surprising was the lightness and imprecision of conventional steering around the track after a turn in the One Motion Grip car, even though it felt more natural to spin the wheel one way or another. another during the slalom.

That said, in both forms of steering, the RZ feels planted and balanced, with the rear electric rear motor even helping to tighten your line on exit under the throttle thanks to the ability to deliver 80% of the overall torque through corners. .

And while the Lexus will eventually understeer (the front tires are 235 sections, while the rears are 255), it corners with decent composure and relatively flat.

It feels refined too, the whine of the engines is nicely suppressed, and road and wind noise are muted. And what bumps there were, it rode with decent compliance, only a particularly sharp transverse ridge sending a shivering sharp ratio through the structure and a sideways shimmy through the suspension.

It’s also spacious inside. In terms of exterior dimensions, the RZ sits between the midsize NX and RX in the brand’s SUV pecking order, but with a longer wheelbase than the latter, it offers more room to stretch out. .

Other interesting features include a dimmable panoramic glass roof and heaters in the floors in front of the driver and passenger that consume significantly less electricity, helping to improve overall efficiency. There’s also an expansive 14-inch touchscreen infotainment system that bursts into pixels with connectivity and features.

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