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Majority of Britons are replacing Bearskin caps worn by the Queen’s Guards with faux fur | United Kingdom | News UK News

Animal rights organization PETA’s poll found that 73% of the British public would like to see the iconic hats made with faux fur instead of bear skins.

The survey by polling firm Populus also found that 75% of respondents say real bearskin caps are a “misuse of public funds” amid the cost of living crisis.

Faux fur leader Ecopel has offered the Ministry of Defense (MoD) its faux bear fur for free until 2030, which PETA says could save taxpayers £1million.

The animal rights organization says the fake alternative looks and functions exactly the same as real bearskin hats, including being completely waterproof.

However, the MoD insists that the fake version does not meet its requirements.

Calls to switch to faux fur for the ceremonial headdress have been backed by MPs from all parties, including veteran Tory Sir Roger Gale.

Sir Roger, who tried on PETA’s faux bearskin cap, highlighted how the Queen ditched real fur years ago for her new outfits.

The MP for North Thanet said: “I have to say I think the MoD is on pretty weak ground on this.

“I understand tradition and everything and the guards are justifiably very proud of their traditions, as is Her Majesty.

“Frankly, if faux fur is good enough for the queen, surely it should be good enough for her guards.”

Sir Roger added: “What I know from holding it and trying it is that it’s a lot lighter apart from everything else.

“And I would have thought actually that once they got used to the idea that it’s not a real bear, the rangers would probably prefer it just in terms of comfort, not to mention all the ethical issues. which obviously concerns me.

“But even if guards aren’t interested in ethical issues, just in terms of personal comfort, I think it’s a win-win.”

Kate Werner, PETA Senior Campaigns Director: “As many Britons struggle to afford essentials like gas and electricity, they are rightly outraged at the prospect of funding ornamental caps for which bears are killed.

“We remind the government that switching to faux fur is a very popular decision that would save money and save the lives of bears.”

The campaign has the backing of the influential Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation (CAWF), which counts Sir Roger, environment minister Lord Goldsmith and the Prime Minister’s wife Carrie Johnson among its patrons.

CAWF co-founder Lorraine Platt said: “We urge the MoD to adopt the new caps.

“We believe there is no justification for continuing to use Canadian black bear fur for ornamental headdresses when an excellent alternative exists.

“They cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands every year and use real furry disputes with public opinion on this issue.”

A petition demanding that the government replace caps worn by the Queen’s Guards with faux fur has received over 70,000 signatures.

An Army spokesman said: ‘Bears are never hunted on command for the MoD.

“The iconic bearskin cap is made from bear skins obtained from kills authorized by Canadian authorities to manage the wild population.

“It is essential to ensure that Guards caps remain both practical and smart and there are currently no artificial alternatives available that meet the essential requirements of these ceremonial caps.”

Bearskins are worn by the Grenadier Guards, Coldstream Guards, Scots Guards, Irish Guards and Welsh Guards.

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