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99 bmw 7 series

We take a look at BMW’s new luxury sedan

If the new BMW 7 Series isn’t your idea of ​​Bavarian beauty, how about the E38? Rumor has it there were three proposals and the big shots chose the “safest”.

When the new understated luxury limo arrived, we compared it to its two rivals: the new Audi A8 and the three-year-old Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

But it turned out that ‘safe’ might not be safe after all: the 7 Series failed to beat the incredible A8 and, more disappointingly, the S-Class.

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“The problem with the 740i is not that it does anything wrong, but that it fails to any significant extent to advance the art of luxury car driving, as the S-Class did with its refinement,” we said. “Instead, it’s a natural but predictable progression from the E32 but less visually appealing, inside and out.”

“The 7 Series remains the driver’s choice just as clearly as its predecessor. But the A8 brings it closer than you’d think in those areas and crucially leaves the BMW behind: it has an authentic, unaffected elegance.

“But when it comes to what these cars need to do above all – effortlessly transport people over long distances in unrivaled surroundings and comfort – the S-Class remains untouched.”

Ford’s revitalization plan

Ford has prepared for the 21st century with a major “realignment” strategy, merging its European and American divisions and exploiting economies of scale for “global Fords” and a host of new models for its luxury brands Aston Martin , Jaguar and Lincoln. Did it work? No. It was more chaotic than efficient, and by 2000 Ford was in dire straits, losing money in Europe and South America.

LCC builds a V8 rocket

The Gordon Murray-designed Light Car Company Rocket is famous for its stunning performance thanks not to its 143 hp four-cylinder Yamaha engine, but to its ultra-low curb weight of 350 kg. Imagine what it would be like with twice the power… Well, LCC did it, building a prototype that had two of those engines mated together, forming a 40-valve V8.

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