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Peston: Ian Blackford wonders if Boris will ‘respect’ the rights of the Scottish people | United Kingdom | News UK News

Mr Blackford appeared on ITV Peston which aired on Wednesday night to discuss the local elections looming today. He suggested the Scottish government may not issue legal notices on whether it can hold an independence referendum without UK government approval.

According to reports, Nicola Sturgeon will ‘cautiously’ consider releasing legal advice around a second independence referendum, despite being ordered to release documents following a decision by the Commissioner for information.

The Prime Minister’s comments came as the SNP leader gave another indication that pushing for a vote could end in a legal battle in the courts.

As the campaign ahead of Thursday’s local elections continues to heat up, opposition parties have demanded clarification on whether the Scottish Government will publish the legal notice as ordered.

Speaking on the matter, Mr Blackford said: ‘You know the government doesn’t publish this type of legal advice.

“The Information Commission has issued a challenge to us, the Prime Minister will respond to it.

“But the real question about this – will Boris Johnson and the Conservative government respect democracy and respect the right of the people of Scotland to hold this referendum without the approval of the UK government?”

The Scottish First Minister, who was heavily involved in the campaign for Scotland to leave the UK in the first referendum, said a resumption was a matter of “when – not if” and reaffirmed this weekend. end his pledge to push for a second vote by the end. of 2023.

She thinks the question of Scottish independence remains at the forefront of political debate in Scotland and thinks the majority of Scots are in favor of leaving the Union.

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