Opinion: Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix talking points Car News

The drivers seemed to find it a challenge, however, climbing out of their cars in the 20 degree Celsius heat and clearly physically exhausted.

The fact that the track wasn’t so good for viewers didn’t affect the post-race column thumbs because of the attention elsewhere – the celebrities. Hangers aren’t a new phenomenon for F1, but the USA seem to be able to up the ante when it comes to rolling famous and less famous faces.

It was even more excruciating to watch Martin Brundle’s pre-race grid walk, as he battled a host of celebrities, than to watch his famous ‘you can’t ask for that’ moment with the team. Megan Thee Stallion’s safety at the US Grand Prix in Texas last year.

Weak points included DJ Khaled not expounding his hometown virtues but giving an incoherent monologue that ended with “F1 didn’t want us here” and tennis player Venus Williams doing her best to ignore the former F1 driver.

From the perspective of a motorsport enthusiast, it makes me question the direction of F1, as many elements of the Miami Grand Prix weekend felt as fake as the water the VIP yachts are on” floated” in the inner “marina”.

It will be interesting to see how that plays out when F1 heads to Las Vegas next year, a city not exactly known for hiding its light under a bushel.

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