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Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison breaks down as she opens up about fertility journey and egg freezing UK News

Newcastle youngster Vicky Pattison was reduced to tears as she shared an update on her fertility journey – revealing her progress in freezing her eggs for the future.

The 34-year-old and her fiancé Ercan Ramadan shared that they were planning to have children but decided to delay the process, with Vicky freezing her eggs.

In a moving Instagram update, the I’m A Celebrity winner opened up about how she was in a “really good place” based on blood tests and various scans for egg retrieval.

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The Mirror reports that she wrote: “I’m in a very good position from my blood tests and my scans for egg retrieval, which is exactly what I wanted to hear.”

As she took to her Instagram Story to share more information with her five million followers, speaking to her camera, she said: “Now that I have this information and I have a little time to think about it and figure out what I want my next step to be.

“Do I want to freeze my eggs? Do I want to freeze my embryos? Embryos are my eggs already containing Ercan’s sperm.

Vicky Pattison with her partner, Ercan Ramadan
Vicky Pattison with her partner, Ercan Ramadan

“When the lady told us about that day, it made us very emotional to imagine a tiny part of me and a tiny part of Ercan meeting for the first time in a small Petri dish.

“I’m sure you guessed by my little tearful reaction there that this is probably the direction I want to go.”

The couple got engaged in February this year after Ercan, 38, proposed while on a beach holiday in Dubai. Vicky has been candid with her fans about her fertility journey and her plans to become a mother.

In a post she shared with her followers last month, she captioned, “I wasn’t always so sure I wanted kids to be a mom – I was in my 20s and was arrogant enough to think that I understood everything and that I would not change my mind!

“I think when you get older, what you want out of life naturally changes, you know? Late nights and pub hopping just didn’t bother me anymore…I wanted something more out of life.

“So now I’m finally in a place where my heart wants to have kids, my head knows it’s not necessarily the right time for us & sadly my body doesn’t have the luxury of much time…”

She continued: “So today I took my first step towards freezing my eggs. I think the only explanation I can give for waiting so long is because I was scared.

“And I think I thought starting this process meant accepting that I probably wouldn’t have kids anytime soon – which, although I know that’s 110% the right thing for us and our relationship in That moment, nonetheless, was a tough pill to swallow.”

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