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Best Mens Wetsuits UK 2022 from RipCurl, Finisterre, Zone3 UK News

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A good wetsuit is essential for any activity in the water in our coldest European territories.

With a wetsuit, your body is insulated against the worst of the cold and can withstand the high temperatures of the British sea while protecting you from the wind.

Most wetsuits, including the ones we’ve reviewed, work by trapping a small amount of water between the suit and the body, then using your body heat to warm that water up so it acts like a thermal jacket.

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It is a simple but proven, tested and very effective method.

The best wetsuits for men at a glance:

What should I look for in a men’s wetsuit?

Wetsuit technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, particularly when it comes to durability and heat capacity, so in this article we’ll be looking to walk you through some buying tips and what to look out for. research, and additionally suggest a number of combinations that we have tested and recommend in 2021.

It can seem intimidating at first. The world of wetsuits is full of jargon, so if you’re a seasoned wettie buyer, scroll down, but the following information may be helpful to some.

What size wetsuit should I buy?

If you see “mm” after the name of your wetsuit, this refers to its thickness. As a general rule, look for thicker wetsuits for colder waters and thinner wetsuits for UK spring and summer. The most popular sizes are 3/2mm (for warmer summer temperatures), 4/3mm (probably the most popular size and a good all-around size for spring and summer conditions) and 5/4mm (suitable for icy waters of most winters).

Personal tastes vary though, so we recommend trying a few on to see what you think of each size. Keep in mind that thicker wetsuits are harder to move and more flexible, so consider what type of activity you want to use your wetsuit for.

There are a number of specifics and height options on that front too, but these are more nuanced, so it’s worth trying a few and asking someone for advice, as the brands may vary in size. Typically, most brands offer Small or XX-Large, with regular, large, and tall offerings of each variation demarcated by an “L” or “T” in the size guide.

Are there specialized combinations?

In a word – yes! You can buy wetsuits, swim suits (which are usually designed to be as streamlined as possible) and classic wetsuits, which we all know from the beach while surfing.

If you really want a wetsuit to be multisport, you better buy a pair designed for certain disciplines, it will make your life much easier.

Consider the fact that if you want to use your thicker wetsuit in the winter (or, let’s face it, probably fall and spring too), you’ll need to think about wetsuit accessories like gloves, boots, and balaclavas. Some suits have built-in hoods, but they can get in the way when not in use. Keeping your extremities warm is key!

Now that you know what to look for, here are our recommendations for some of the best wetsuits in 2022

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Performance 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Performance 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit

Quicksilver Highline Pro Men’s No-Zip Wetsuit

Quicksilver Highline Pro Men’s No-Zip Wetsuit

Main features: materials, Japanese neoprene; Thickness, 1mm; Type? Surf Pro/Advanced

One of the most premium and probably one of the best wetsuits on the market right now.

The innovation is what impressed us the most, with a very minimal thickness of 1mm but with the promise of 3mm warmth and comfort.

They didn’t skimp on the material used either – it uses the most premium Japanese neoprene constructed with no seams or zippers.

Very light and impressive.

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Men’s 4/3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Olaian

Men’s 4/3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Olaian

Aspire Men’s Zone3 Wetsuit

Aspire Men’s Zone3 Wetsuit

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