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RAF emergency: Huge Airbus Voyager KC3 screams ‘7700’ after in-flight refueling | United Kingdom | News UK News

The military issued an emergency after an Airbus Voyager KC3 was Squawking 7700 after refueling above AARA 12. The plane, which was traveling at an altitude of 2250 feet and at a speed of 139 kmh, now returns to RAF Brize Norton.

Operating with call sign TARTN19, the aircraft uses model code A332.

A 7700 emergency signal indicates to all air traffic controllers (ATC) in the area that the aircraft is in an emergency situation.

However, it is up to the crew of the affected aircraft to inform ATC of the emergency.

An Airbus Voyager KC3 is a large transport multi-role tanker based on the civilian Airbus A330.

The incident was first reported by Aviation News tracker Scyscanworld on Twitter.

The Voyager is the RAF’s sole in-flight refueling tanker (AAR) and also functions as strategic air transport.

Fuel is stored in the aircraft’s standard wing and fuselage tanks, leaving room for 291 crew and cargo in the cargo hold.

Voyager is also capable of acting as a passenger aircraft in much the same way as a civilian airliner.

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According to the SkyScanWorld website, the aircraft recently returned from Campbell Army Airfield in the United States.

It was also spotted over Estonia yesterday near Pskov.

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