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Its powerful air-cooled V-twin engine had a capacity of almost a liter per cylinder, and the resulting torque output was so uneven that it needed a separate system mounted behind it to smooth this out so that it does not shake his five-speed Mazda. gearbox in pieces.

The ride was quite uncomfortable, the riding position lacked adjustment, grip was limited, and the turning radius was measured in stages.

I liked it. As with the GT86, it’s mostly my fault that it received five stars in the road test on these pages and it’s the kind of car you have to love because of its purity, not in spite of it.

That might not be such a problem with the Super 3. At first glance, it’s another three-wheeled Morgan. But most strikingly, it now has a sensible Ford engine (air-cooled engines aren’t big fans of emissions regulations), which is covered by the bodywork and placed further back, because its torque output doesn’t need to be calmed down before it hits the gearbox – and the progress doesn’t stop there. They are just getting started.

No, the driver’s seat still doesn’t adjust, but the pedals and steering wheel do.

The wheels still look great but, deceptively, they are convex which, together with the discontinuation of the older spoked wheels, allows the uprights to be closer to the center of the wheel, helping the geometry to improve handling and reduce the turning radius.

This is made even smaller by a narrow body with discreet fins mounted close to the body, directing air to the radiators.

There’s more: its mounting brackets become Morgan’s first patents in its 112-year history, while it’s the first frameless Morgan in ash wood under its body, having instead panels stressed on aluminum castings (rather than a spaceframe), making for a proper monocoque – and one designed with electrification in mind. I’m addicted to the idea.

When I was a kid, you could stick a supercar on a magazine cover and I was sold. Today, make it a pure eccentric, light, underpowered sports car. Who has changed: the supercars or me?

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