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Most people imagined what it would be like to have a stroke of luck, whether it was winning the lottery or landing that dream job, but could where you live affect your chances?

Well, the answer is, not really. Things like lotteries and raffles are completely random. But for a bit of fun, the slots and bingo website, Slingo, has investigated the luckiest places.

Digging into their player database, they revealed the locations and postcodes that have, statistically, seen the most winners in their games, naming two East Sussex locations among them.

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The Argus: Slingo looked at their data to reveal their 10 luckiest locations.  Picture: CanvasSlingo looked at their data to reveal their 10 luckiest locations. Picture: Canvas

The luckiest places in the UK

The luckiest place in the UK, according to Slingo statistics, is Salford. The Greater Manchester city was followed by a much smaller town, West Malling in Kent, and then Eastbourne in East Sussex.

Hove also made the top 10, placing at number four.

Top 10 “lucky” places


2. West Mall

3. Eastbourne


5. And more


7. Southend

8. Edinburgh

9. Croydon


UK’s luckiest postcode

They also looked at data from the People’s Postcode Lottery to find out which ZIP codes are the luckiest to live.

Top 10 “lucky” postcodes

1.EX (External)

2.TF (Telford)

3. SY (Shrewsbury)

4.DL (Darlington)

5.LL (Llandudno)

6. TA (Taunton)

7. LA (Lancaster)

8.TQ (Torquay)

9. SA (Swansea)

10. HR (Hereford)

While larger postcodes such as Birmingham and Sheffield had the most wins overall, when it comes to earnings per capita, it was Exeter who took the luckiest first place, with 82.9 wins at the postal code lottery for 100,000 people.

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