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Ed Sheeran Underground train service in Sunderland slammed after record-breaking Stadium of Light show UK News

Angry Ed Sheeran fans have reported two-hour waits for Tyne and Wear Metro trains after the singer’s record-breaking performance at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light on Friday night.

However, other onlookers praised the “brilliant” subway staff and said there were “loads of trains”. And a Stadium of Light spokesman said 60,000 people attended the concert – and the show had “made history”.

“Tonight set a record for the most attended concert ever in the North East,” they said on Twitter. “Sunderland and Ed Sheeran – we made history tonight. What a crowd!”

The Metro service issued an apology on Twitter, after putting on extra trains – but adding that those trains were ‘likely to end in Newcastle’.

At around midnight on Saturday morning, the Tube tweeted: ‘For customers currently waiting at the Stadium of Light and St Peters, more services have now been added to the additional trains which were originally due to run. Hear advice as staff take clients on trains safely and as quickly as possible.Thank you for your patience.

Then, at 12:24 a.m., he tweeted: “We are seeing a large number of people using the tube to get home from Sunderland tonight. Other trains will be running, but these trains will likely terminate in Newcastle. Sorry for the inconvenience. “

In response to a tweet, the Metro said the last train would leave at 12:43 a.m. However, some fans expressed their frustration on Twitter.

Frances Dale said she waited an hour at a time to get on a tube train – and was told it would be “at least another hour” before she got on one. “Subways seem to be rare,” she added.

And Twitter user Monkeymagic said the Metro service was “almost useless”. “Always wait more than two hours after the end,” they tweeted.

Michael Gilmour said: ‘Wife queued for an hour and a half. On one now in St Peters’ In a separate tweet he called the service ‘shocking’. However, he hoped things would improve after Saturday night’s show, adding: “We’ll see what happens tomorrow – it’ll be a lot better because they’ll see what they’ve done wrong and what they can improve. .”

However, Claire McIntyre said: “The Subway staff were brilliant! Lots of trains, very well organised! Thank you! Hope all the staff have an uneventful evening!”

Meanwhile, Kaleigh Allsopp said there was a 25-minute wait between trains – but criticized the way the event was run, saying there were ‘a lot of people being crushed trying to get together. stand up”.

And Tony Nunn said stepping into the Light Stadium was “a complete mess”.

However, fans praised the “incredible show” as being “a different sauce” – but also advised people going tonight to “grab a coat!”

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