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Nexus responds to Ed Sheeran Metro ‘madness’ ahead of second Sunderland show UK News

Nexus have responded to criticism from Ed Sheeran fans of the ‘underground madness’ after Friday night’s gig in Sunderland.

The concert saw a record 60,000 fans of the pop sensation travel to and from the Stadium of Light via various modes of transport, including the subway service.

And although Nexus said it added additional trains and later services to accommodate the unusual influx of users, many were furious at the long queues and long waits trying to access the carriages.

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Pat Ross, said: “Welcome to the Sunderland end of the Tube….we have this problem every time we have a big football game. I guarantee these delays won’t happen on Tyneside”, while Amy Hounam, commented: ‘The transport was an absolute joke, took 2 hours to get there from Newcastle due to dangerously full subways, only to end up in what can only be described as a crush for over an hour.”

Tracy Robson, added: “My son was working at the gig and he had a nightmare driving home on the subway and sadly has to start all over again tonight!!!” and Carol Matthews, wrote: “100% agree. 1h20 wait to get on a subway and we weren’t that far in line!”

Ed Sheeran performs in front of a record crowd of 60,000 at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland
Ed Sheeran performs in front of a record crowd of 60,000 at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland

Frances Dale said, “It was 2 a.m. before we got home. The show started at 10:30 p.m. Total madness.”

Nexus today released a statement explaining the influx of Metro users, insisting that extensive measures have been put in place to help provide a safe return journey for concert-goers in the area – with the same measures also in place tonight.

Huw Lewis, Director of Customer Service at Nexus, said: “Metro had its busiest night for a concert at the Stadium of Light as 60,000 people watched Ed Sheeran play the first of his two shows. Our customer service teams, train drivers and co-workers in the control room did an amazing job of ensuring everyone got to the concert on time and could then catch a train to the event. .

“World class events always bring queues, and that can be frustrating, but I want to thank everyone for their patience and good spirits.

“Most people I spoke to at St Peters and Stadium of Light stations last night were full of praise for the Tube team and what we were doing. We diverted six more trains to Sunderland on top of the 17 which we had planned to deliver after the concert and kept people informed and was moving all night with trains continuing until the early hours.

Ed Sheeran performing in front of 60,000 fans at Sunderland's Stadium of Light
Ed Sheeran performing in front of 60,000 fans at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light

“There were no delays or gaps between trains, so even though the queues were long, they kept moving. The team meets this afternoon to review the night in detail and if we can improve the service we provide, we will.”

Meanwhile, many spectators took to social media to praise the Metro service during a frantic time with 60,000 fans leaving the stadium at a time.

Diane Everett, wrote: “Subway service is no different than game day. It’s a 60,000 seater stadium with everyone leaving together. I don’t like it so don’t go. Simple”, while Charles Brook, added: “There will always be the complainers no matter, they love to complain about something.

“They know there will be 60,000 people there, which means there will be queues.”

Samantha Scarr, said: “60,000 people is more than would normally attend Great North Run day, everyone knows what the subways are like on that day!” while Wendy Steel, commented, “People are complaining about the transport, but 60,000 people are leaving at once…it’s more a problem of the volume of people and the impatience than the transport itself.”

Max Hadfield, added: “I’m shocked by some of the comments. Metro did the best they could. Common sense dictates this will be a challenge, so take some responsibility for yourself.”

Were you at the Ed Sheeran gig in Sunderland last night? What did you think of the transport services?

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