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Voi’s next generation electric scooter is launched in Bath today Bath City News

A brand new electric scooter, the Voiager 5 (V5) was rolled out in Bath today (Tuesday 7th June). Bath, along with Bristol, are among the first towns in the UK to have the latest iteration of Voi’s world-class electric scooter, which has been designed for city driving.

The scooter has “new and improved” features, including an updated dash design, integrated phone holder and automated turn signal switch, also improves the driver experience and helps drivers navigate traffic. city ​​streets easily, efficiently and safely.

The V5 is Voi’s most circular vehicle to date, with components that are easier to repair and reuse, as well as more than double the amount of recycled materials. The V5’s commitment to sustainable design and manufacturing is a boost for Voi’s circular vehicle program and an integral part of the company’s mission to become carbon positive by 2030.

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Bath and Bristol join Liverpool and cities across Europe, such as Bergen, Bordeaux, Helsinki, Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Rome, Seville, Stockholm and Trondheim, where V5 has already been successfully deployed.

To celebrate the arrival of the Voiager 5 in the West of England, Voi is offering new riders 15 minutes of free riding. New passengers simply need to download the app, enter a valid payment method and add ‘V5UK’ to their in-app wallet. The special offer expires Thursday, June 30.

Main features of the new Voager 5

magic wheels

The V5 has a larger front wheel and increased tread depth for improved safety, as well as better shock absorption for smooth rides even on rough surfaces. Additionally, the increased height between the road and the rider prevents footpeg scraping. This means the wheels can navigate potholes more easily, allowing the rider to navigate the roads around Bristol and Bath more easily.

Powerful braking performance

With safety always of the utmost importance, the V5’s brakes are even more durable and robust than ever. Reinforced brake cables are now easier for mechanics to access, reducing the time the scooter spends in the warehouse for servicing and increasing fleet availability for riders.

Other new benefits of the V5 include improved accuracy and precision, allowing cyclists to complete their rides in designated parking spots with much greater accuracy and greater street accessibility. This means drivers and non-drivers alike can scan the QR code using their smartphone camera to easily notify local Voi teams if a vehicle is improperly parked, so they can deal with it.

Redesign of the design for a more inclusive vehicle

As part of Voi’s mission to co-create solutions and in the development of V5, Voi has sought to engage broadly with many groups, such as Open Inclusion and Women in Transport, whose mobility needs are not often not taken into account. Open inclusion and women in transport. This level of commitment is unprecedented in the micromobility industry and, together with Voi’s own research and development, has enabled Voi engineers to better understand barriers to user adoption and create solutions at a range of mobility needs.

New key features developed with inclusion in mind

An updated dashboard design on the V5, with the addition of a centrally located integrated phone holder, allowing drivers to navigate more safely

Pioneering circular vehicles

To advance the sustainability of its service, Voi sees vehicles as more than just a single-use item. Building on the strengths of previous models, the V5 brings Voi even closer to creating a fully sustainable and circular e-scooter by:

extend life to five years

increasing modularity to facilitate repairs and reuse of parts

use an increased proportion of recycled materials;

ensure that vehicle components can be reused and recycled at end of life

The V5 is built using the most durable and recyclable options currently available. The proportion of recycled materials used in the scooter is now over 30%, more than double the previous rate thanks to close collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers throughout the supply chain. Nearly 90% of scooter components have been redesigned to improve durability and repairability.

Jack Samler, Managing Director of Voi UK & Ireland, said: “The Voiager 5 model encapsulates Voi’s values, from pushing the boundaries of safe and inclusive design, to riding together so that we can create better cities to live in, without congestion. and pollution.

“Producing a new model like this is the result of collaboration at all levels, from warehouse staff to engineering experts, from sustainability gurus to mechanical geniuses. Voi teamwork that quickly transformed our commitment to circularity and sustainability.

“We know our riders in Bristol and Bath will love the new V5 model as it is suited to their daily needs as it is designed for the city. We are excited to continue to deliver a world-class leasing program to decarbonize these cities and create better places to live.

In Voi’s 2021 summer survey, the new V5 shows it’s ready for the next generation of cyclists, as more than a quarter of cyclists use e-scooters for work, while four in 10 cyclists leave their cars home and choose Voi to move.

As Voi continues its mission to create better cities to live in, safety remains the electric scooter company’s top priority. He recently announced a partnership with Lazarillo, an app that improves accessibility for blind and visually impaired people. Additionally, it launched a new “Let’s get it right” safety campaign to continue educating drivers to obey the rules of the road and drive safely.

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