Diesel price hits £2 a liter for first time Car News

The cost of a liter of diesel has hit £2 for the first time as fuel prices continue to rise.

RAC data shows the average cost of diesel at a motorway service station is now 200.99p, with petrol prices currently at 197.18p.

Away from the motorways, the average cost of diesel sits at 188.82p – an increase of 4.5p this week – and petrol at 183.16p, an increase of 7p over the same time.

Yesterday the price for refueling a typical 55 liter family car, such as a Audi A3 or one BMW 3 Series, has hit the £100 mark for the first time, prompting the AA to call on the government to cut fuel tax by a further 10p.

On Tuesday, the price of petrol rose by more than 2 pence in just 24 hours – the biggest daily increase in 17 years.

The latest hike sparked an angry response from AA President Edmund King, who called on the government to “act urgently” to reduce record fuel prices, which are “crippling the lives of low-income people, rural and business areas.

He also called on ministers to introduce a fuel price stabilizer, which would work by reducing fuel taxes when prices rise and raising them when prices fall.

King said: “A fuel price stabilizer is a fair way for the Treasury to help regulate the price at the pump, but at the same time it must bring more transparency to fuel prices to stop the daily scams at the pumps. . The £100 tank is unsustainable with the general cost of living crisis so the underlying issues need to be addressed urgently.

Meanwhile, RAC fuel expert Simon Williams called the increased fill a ‘really gloomy day’, adding: ‘With average prices so high there will almost certainly be upward inflationary pressure , which is bad news for everyone.”

Earlier in the week, the RAC claimed the UK was on the verge of a fuel crisis. He called for urgent “radical government intervention” to prevent a national fuel crisis.

“More radical government intervention is urgently needed, whether in the form of further fuel tax cuts or VAT cuts,” Williams said on Monday.

“As things stand, drivers will surely not be able to cope unless something is done to help them… This is quickly becoming a national crisis for the country’s 32 million motorists as well as countless businesses.

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