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Gary Neville launched a scathing review of Keir Starmer: ‘Not strong enough’ | United Kingdom | New UK News

Gary Neville is part of the England squad for Soccer Aid 2022 this weekend. He will be joined by other footballing legends, such as Jamie Carragher, Joe Cole, Teddy Sheringham, Stewart Downing, Fara Williams, Eni Aluko and Anita Asante. Several celebrities are also involved. They include actors David Harewood and Damian Lewis, musicians Aitch and Tom Grennan, comedians Alex Brooker and Russell Howard, YouTuber Chunkz, Olympic icon Sir Mo Farah and former Crawley Town left-back Mark Wright.

Neville has established himself as one of the leading football pundits of the past decade, known for his honest and cutting analysis.

The former footballer did not limit himself to football, however. In recent years, Neville has also shown a keen interest in politics.

A supporter of the Labor Party, Neville has targeted Prime Minister Boris Johnson on several occasions.

But Labor leader Keir Starmer has also come under fire from Neville, who has accused him of not being strong enough to stand up to the government over coronavirus rules.

Speaking on the BBC’s Political Thinking podcast, Neville said: ‘I think…probably (at) the end of 2020 I thought Labor should have been a lot stronger. I think the Labor Party had them at that time.

“I would be open with Keir about it, I don’t think he was strong enough then. Now I think he realizes he has to take the gloves off.

Sir Keir then spoke to LBC, revealing he spoke directly to Neville about his comments.

The Labor leader said: ‘When he said there, ‘I was open with him about it’, I can tell you he was.

“We had several conversations.

“I’m a huge fan of his, by the way. I think it’s actually fantastic… his analysis is fantastic.

Sir Keir continued: “Gary thought I wasn’t strong enough. He thought we should have voted against government restrictions in the tier system. I did not do it. I didn’t agree with the tier system, but it was hit or miss at the time.

“If you didn’t vote for restrictions, then there were no restrictions and I didn’t think that was the right thing.

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But he rejected the idea of ​​becoming an MP, saying he would “get eaten alive” in Westminster.

He added: “I can only imagine what you have to do there to survive and I’m not playing the game so how do I get in?

“So when I ask myself the question do you want to dip your toes, I can’t dip my toes because I’m all or nothing. I go in and I go in.”

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