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Gordon Ramsay’s £27 roast was brutally slammed for raw meat and ‘ashtray’ Yorkshire pudding UK News

After decades on TV screens around the world, Gordon Ramsay is almost as well known for his mean temper as he is for his world-class culinary abilities.

We’ve lost track of how many times we’ve seen him frantically scream in people’s faces, stalking them for their lackluster dishes – and who can forget the classic “dumb sandwich” meme that took the internet by storm in 2015?

But G-Rambo has tasted his own medicine, with people taking to social media to mock a roast dinner served at one of his popular restaurants.

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With a price tag of £27 for a 35-day dry-aged sirloin, roast potatoes, carrots and Yorkshire pudding, you’d certainly expect a perfect Sunday offering a king – but diners on its London Bread Street Kitchen and Bar were less than impressed.

The Mirror reports that people were horrified that the meat looked raw, however, and people wondered how it had been cooked. One claimed it was ‘cooked on a south-facing windowsill’ with another joking ‘before 7am’.

One social media user joked: ‘Reminds me of a steak I had in Benidorm once – left in the sun for ten minutes and served!’ while another added: “Did you cook that beef or wave it under a light bulb?”

The Hell’s Kitchen chef tweeted a video of sauce being poured over the meal, saying, “Sunday wouldn’t be complete without a roast!”

Someone asked Gordon, “Why are you pouring gravy on that live cow?” in response to the video.

Of course, how people like their meat cooked is completely personal and many people have requested that it be served very pink. Although some weren’t impressed, many took to the comments section to say it looked absolutely delicious.

But that hasn’t stopped the critics, with someone else asking if Gordon has been affected by the cost of living crisis, asking: ‘Save on the energy bill?’

“A good vet could bring this back to life,” someone said.

The meat was not the only part of the meal criticized, with the roasts and the Yorkshire pudding also being criticised. Someone wrote: “I’m sure I can see a pulse in this meat. Also, these roasts need an extra half hour.

Another laughed: “The yorkie looks like an ashtray I made for my dad at school.”

People were also joking that the tweet was sent at 9:15 a.m.

“A bit early?” someone asked, while another social media user wrote: “Not at 9.15am […] morning Gordon lol.

What do you think of Gordon Ramsay’s roast?

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