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The best BBQ recipes for summer 2022 that aren’t burgers or sausages Wine News

We Brits love a barbecue, but it’s fair to say that for all our bravery when grilling in the rain, we can be a little timid when it comes to what we cook.

With the next heatwave set to hit the UK in June, it’s not a bad idea to start planning your summer garden party menu – and be a little adventurous while you’re at it. .

While in some countries a barbecue will probably include something like a simmered brisket of beef, a large cut of beef or a whole fish, in Britain you’ll often find sausages and burgers – drumsticks, skewers or halloumi in the blink of an eye.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Almost anything can be cooked over hot coals, and it’s time to step up our collective barbecue games. Whether you’re saving your BBQ antics for the holidays or any weekend is a time to fire up the grill, these recipes are a great place to start.

Best BBQ Recipes for the Summer Garden Party

Filet à la Béarnaise with dill, grilled asparagus

Generally, tenderloin steak is a rather expensive case of style rather than substance. Sure, it’s very, very tender, but for that you sacrifice flavor. On one truly glorious day, beef master Olly Woolnough of Meatmatters fed me a tenderloin from an ex-dairy cow that he had dry-aged for 14 days. Game. Changer. Full of rich ribbons of oily marbling that are both tender and ridiculously flavorful. If I couldn’t get such a good net, I’d probably use a hanger/tab instead. A fraction of the cost, much more flavor.

I prepare béarnaise on the barbecue by turning the pan on and off the heat to maintain a pleasant and stable temperature. I like to encourage people to think of a charcoal fire as a heat source, just like you would a griddle, but you can do it indoors if you prefer.

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