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What to eat and drink — and avoid — during a summer heat wave Wine News

Heat waves can be difficult to manage nutritionally. Once the initial joy of finally seeing some sunshine wears off, many are plagued by a loss of appetite that could make you uncomfortable during the warmer temperatures.

With one planned for this month of June, we’ve compiled a list of some foods to help you get through this heat wave with ease, as well as some to avoid.

Let’s get rid of the obvious first: make sure you drink plenty of water when it’s hot, to make up for the fluids lost through excessive sweating.

To avoid dehydration (when your body loses more water than it takes in), drinking water can be crucial, even when it’s not hot, as fluids carry nutrients to your cells and remove bacteria from your bladder. Symptoms of dehydration include thirst, dizziness, fatigue, and dry mouth, lips, and eyes.

There are also certain foods that will help keep you cool in hot weather – so we’ve rounded up the best salads and light dishes for you to enjoy as the sun rises.

Water is not only healthy, but it’s also one of the cheapest options: according to the NHS, it has no calories and contains no sugars that can damage teeth.

If you can’t stand plain water, try sparkling or add a slice of lemon or lime to spice it up. Alternatively, add squash or fruit juice. Hydration tablets can also be a quick fix to replace essential water and vitamins when you need them most.

What to eat and drink during a heatwave in the UK


Besides being a delicious fruit, perfect for picnics and barbecues, watermelon contains a nutrient called lycopene which can protect you from sun exposure.

Lycopene is the pigment that gives fruits and vegetables a bright red. Other sources include tomatoes (especially cooked), papaya, pink grapefruit, and guava. (Strawberries are red, but they get their color from another compound other than lycopene.)

Try one of these summer recipes…

Melissa Hemsley combines watermelon, mint and cucumber for a refreshing side dish that’s perfect for a barbecue. Find her recipe here.

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