New Experiences Per Mile Ratings Can Help Buyers Find The Right Car Car News

The scores revealed that users of premium models thought their cars were poor at entertaining occupants, while owners of mainstream models reduced their vehicles’ connectivity.

Meanwhile, an opportunity matrix, showing the extent to which drivers’ goals were met by the experience of their cars, revealed that one of the highest-rated types of commute was running errands, for productivity high obtained.

Among the lowest-rated types of journeys were commuting, with owners reporting that their cars fell short of their main goals of feeling good, being relaxed and enjoying good connectivity.

Overall, technology emerged as the key to scoring high on the EPM index.

Commenting on the EPM Index, Tom Rivers, Vice President of Global Automotive Marketing at Harman International, said: “Where consumers once asked ‘how fast will my car go from 0 to 60 mph?’, they now want to know how the vehicle will improve their ride or if they can access content or people from it.

“There hasn’t been an established valuation to measure this in-vehicle experience, so this way of looking at experiences as added value is new territory, and OEMs have indicated they see the value in measurement. to help build their brand with new generations of consumers.”

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