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Kevin Bryan CDs acoustic music (photo: Adobe)
Kevin Bryan CDs acoustic music (photo: Adobe)

Your Top 10 CDs with Kevin Bryan

Kevin Bryan

Acoustic tunesmiths and leading practitioners of the roots music genre dominate in my latest survey of new CD releases.

The presence of Dire Straits guitar supremo Mark Knopfler should lure some uncommitted listeners to Heidi Talbot’s touching new album, while seasoned campaigners such as Paul Brady and Eric Bogle also deserve a mention.

Americana saw impressive efforts emerge from Rod Picott and Canada’s effervescent Lucky Ones, while horror fiction writer Stephen King hailed Michael McDermott as “probably the greatest rock ‘n’ talent.” undiscovered roll of the last 20 years”.

Great acoustic talent

Heidi Talbot (self-released)

Heidi Talbot (Self Released) – Sing It For A Lifetime

Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler lends a helping hand as Irish folk Heidi Talbot tackles new tunes alongside covers from Leonard Cohen, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton.

Nick Hart (Roebuck Records)

Sing ten English folk songs

Nick Hart (Roebuck Records) – Sings ten English folk songs

The multi-talented Hart breathes new life into a selection of traditional ditties, wielding esoteric instruments such as harmonium, lyre and viol.

Rod Picott (Welding Rod Records)

Paper hearts and broken arrows

Rod Picott (Welding Rod Records) – Paper Hearts and Broken Arrows

Raw, unpolished refresher from Nashville-based, raw Picott, serving up gripping tales of heroes and villains that have become his trademark.

Michael McDermottPauper Sky

Rod Picott (Welding Rod Records) – Paper Hearts and Broken Arrows

Chicago singer-songwriter McDermott’s latest album chronicles the lives of a group of characters living on a fictional street in America’s heartland.

Sally Oldfield (talking elephant)

Sally Oldfield (talking elephant) – Easy + Celebration

Two interesting late ’70s albums from Mike Oldfield’s older sister, featuring gems like You Set My Gypsy Blood Free, The Sun In My Eyes and The Boulevard Song.

Paul Brady (Proper Records)

Paul Brady (Proper Records) – Maybe so

Brady’s consistently enjoyable ensemble, capturing the Irish ballad veteran in unmistakable form as he serves up a batch of freshly minted gems for your listening pleasure.

James Combs (High Pine Steeple Recordings)

James Combs (High Pine Steeple Recordings) – Falling In Love

Based in Los Angeles, James Combs has been hailed as “one of folk pop’s best kept secrets”. His fifth solo album is generally very varied.

The Lucky (Self-Released)

The Lucky Ones (Self Released) – The Lucky Ones

Spontaneous and engaging debut of The Lucky Ones, Canadian bluegrass specialists from the Yukon. The finished product was captured within five days.

Dietrich Strause (Blueblade Records)

You and me must be out of my mind

Dietrich Strause. (Blueblade Records) – You and I Gotta Be Out Of Me

Inventive and adventurous music from the multi-talented Strause, embellished with sound effects giving charm to the content.

Eric Bogle (Greentrax Records)

Eric Bogle (Greentrax Records) – The Light Source

Mature and Thoughtful by Eric Bogle, the critically acclaimed Scottish blacksmith who rose to prominence after emigrating to Australia. The Flag is a musical highlight.

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