Volkswagen Taigo 1.5 TSI 150 R-Line UK review Car News

The motor shifts through upper mid-range gears fairly easily, shifts the Taigo’s volume with equal ease, and lets you move through traffic in a relaxed, stress-free and largely refined manner. The standard dual-clutch automatic shifts very easily between gears under light loads, although it is a bit sluggish and clumsier under heavier loads and with manual gear changes, and is not still as quick to lower as some drivers might like.

Under harder driving, the car’s four-cylinder engine gets a little tight and booming at high revs. It’s not an engine to relish stretching beyond about 4000rpm, nor is it very lively beyond that point – although, when called upon to really attach, it works quite well. So if there’s a dividend in spending the money on a Taigo, it’s more likely to come with the day-to-day usability of the car and some sense of car handling more big. The real-world economy isn’t bad, ranging from miles per gallon in the high 30s around town to just under 50 over a longer period.

The car has moderately light controls, predictable handling, a comfortable ride and a generally subdued feel on the road, refusing to impose much character on what it does, but always remaining assured and easy to control. If mid-range Volkswagens had a dynamic personality, this would be it.

The Taigo doesn’t drive like a big SUV and isn’t interested in entertaining or involving like a Ford Puma might. But it’s consistent in everything he does; is easy to place and guide; is comfortable with it; and can support quite heavy load without moving at high speed.

It’s one of those cars that could so easily have been categorized into one of several market segments if they had been launched 10 or even 20 years earlier. Think of it as a fresh alternative to a normal Golf-sized family saloon if you prefer, or even a B-segment minivan like a Citroen C3 Picasso. It’s quite roomy for something its size and stylish; quite well furnished and equipped too; it’s enjoyable, if a bit forgettable, to drive; and it’s modern, of course. If this sounds like the kind of small family car you’d be happy to spend £30,000 on, VW will be happy to take your money, but mine would probably go for a slightly simpler and cheaper version.

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